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Yep, it's already about time for Spring's fashion weeks to begin. (In other words, the menswear shows, mainly.)


Milan Men's Fashion Week 2012 - June 16-20

Paris Men's Fashion Week 2012 - June 22 - 30


Then will be Berlin Fashion Week Fall / Winter, July 3 - 8, 2012.

Miami Swim Week, July 14 - 18, 2012.


Then fashion weeks like Stockholm, Sydney, Madrid, Montreal and more.





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Okay, now about these live fashion shows on the web that we promised.


You came here because you love style and everything stylish, sexy and fun. Well, so do we. And the BEST fashion is LIVE fashion. Why, you ask? Well, the nature of this thing we call "fashion" is transitory. Fleeting. Like a butterfly, poof-o, part of its beauty is in its delicateness (or is it "delicacy?" because it's not chocolate covered, though that might be delicious, though sort of sad).


Wait, what were we getting to here? It's not as though we're just typing (or are we? Mmaybe).


RIGHT! Fashion is fleeting (and you probably know the famous Coco Chanel quote, if you've ever seen the movie, as played by the beautiful and inimitable Audrey Tatou). Ever-changing. In flux, as some Greek guy called Heraclitus used to say. (Hey, we found a way to sound smart!)


Which means by the time you've finished reading this, fashion has changed. Spring / Summer becomes Fall / Winter, though as we know, you'll see Spring / Summer during Fall / Winter, because it's important you see it before everyone else.


And that's why live streaming runway shows (or live fashion shows) are so very important.


So you, dear reader, who have actually read this far (wow!), can see these fashions on the runway AS they happen. In fact, chronologically speaking, BEFORE they happen in "real life".


Will houndstooth hats be big, REALLY big, next Fall?


Find out here, now, so you an BUY that houndstooth hat, my friend, and wear it in the EMPLOYEE LOUNGE in MARCH, before anyone else does.


Sure, they'll all be looking at you sort of funny. But then when October rolls around, they'll all be like: "Ahhhhh!", point at you (in a different way). And you'll be a fashion star of sorts.


For knowing what's up.


Okay, that was PLENTY of babbling. Now click here for live runway streams.


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